Cristo Rey Tampa Freshmen Retreat

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On the feast day of St. John Bosco, the entire 9th grade class of Cristo Rey Tampa High School attended a retreat.  The retreat, whose theme was about overcoming obstacles, was led by Fr. Steve Ryan, Cristo Rey Tampa faculty and Mary Help of Christians staff and volunteers.

The day began with morning prayer, introduction of the theme of the day and individual petitions dropped into a wishing well.  The icebreaker was a time filled with laughter as both students and faculty tried to avoid getting hold of the hot potato.  Other activities followed, where students reflected and shared with one another in smaller groups, including molding lumps of clay into the image that best describes what God is doing in their lives for them.

Before lunch, the students worked on puzzle activities that demonstrated the importance of communication, cooperation and teamwork, then they began the “car wreck” activity.  This was a highlight for students and took them across the property, each with some kind of “limitation”, guiding and accompanying one another through the journey to make it safely back home.

The afternoon consisted of more small group activities, including reading a comic book about the challenges and obstacles in Don Bosco’s life.  Students and group leaders shared about the obstacles in their own lives, how they are trying to overcome them and about faith.  The retreatants then had time for Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, Scripture reflection and more group sharing.  The retreat day ended with holy mass in honor of Don Bosco.

Thanks to all who participated in and worked on the retreat.  Enjoy the photos!