The Salesians

Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime was elected by the 27th General Chapter, 25rd March 2014; he is the tenth successor of Don Bosco.RM_2014

“The Rector Major, the superior of the Salesian Society, is the successor of Don Bosco, the father and centre of unity of the Salesian Family.” (C 126)

”Your first rector is dead. But our true superior, Jesus Christ, will never die. He will always be our Master, our guide, our model….Your Rector is dead. But there will be another elected, who will have care of you and of your eternal salvation. Listen to him, love him, obey him, pray for him as you have prayed for me.”

(Spiritual Testament of St. John Bosco).

In force of their apostolic communion of a charismatic nature, the Groups which make up the Salesian Family recognise in the Rector Major, Successor of Don Bosco, the Father and centre of unity of the Family itself.GC27-pope-Francis-Fr-Angel-Artime-1